Shamanic Dreaming

In the world of shamanism dreaming is the state we enter into to vision our lives into being. In many cultures the drum is used as the vehicle or “canoe” to take the dreamer into the dreamtime. Rattles or other instruments are used by some cultures as well (for example; the rainstick or didgeridoo).. When we have questions that we need answers to or we need to identify, or go into counsel with our guides and protectors, the drum is used to assist in the journey.

You can learn to journey and meet the beings that assist you so that you can work more closely with them in your daily life. Once we learn that we are not alone and that we have help available to us all the time life is easier.

Journey to the upper, middle, or lower worlds to find answers to your questions and guidance in your life. These “worlds” are not hierarchical as in cosmologies that place a judgment or “value” on upper as being good (i.e. heaven) and lower as being bad (i.e. hell). The middle world resembles our day to day existence and all the lessons that can be learned through this level of reality. The upper and lower worlds are distinguished by the beings that we meet there and the teachings that we are in need of. There is no such thing as a bad guide or animal totem, there are only the ones carrying the medicine or teachings that we are in need of.

Sometimes we receive messages that are just for our own healing or growth and at other times a message will come through that needs to be shared with others. The more we enter into the dreamtime and gain the clarity and inspiration to live life fully, the more we can progress on our path to wholeness and purposeful action with the assistance of all of creation.


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Photography courtesy of David Gellatly
©Contents Copyright Miriam Lieberman 2007