House Clearings and Blessings

Moving into a new space or a previously used space can be so exciting. As an avid thrift store shopper and recycler I am often working with previously used items. I always clear them energetically, clean them and set them with my own intentions before use however. Even a new home can come with energies from the land itself, the construction crew and your own angst during the building and purchasing processes. The land that we move onto has always been inhabited before us, especially when we consider all our relations into the equation. Ceremonies to bless a new home, business, relationship, or transition or to connect with the benevolent spirits of the land in question are available.

Connecting with the spirits of the land, healing any old traumas to the land or those who lived on it is a wonderful way to begin building a relationship with this most important place where you will be sending your own roots. Be it an office space, a rental unit or a family home it behooves us to make friends with the one who holds us up and provides the space for us to live and work.

We can come and clear old energies or bless the space and converse with the spirits that reside there. Often one is called to a particular place by the spirits of that land; either they have messages for us or want to assist us in some way. At other times they are in need of healing. Often souls stuck in the earth plane stay in places familiar to them and disrupt the lives of the inhabitants of that space. We can assist these beings to crossover with their “lights” and clear the space in question. By clearing and blessing the land, we honor those who came before and let them know what our intentions are. We also learn to listen to the benevolent spirits, devas and elementals of the land to find out what they request of us. When in ceremony we always honor the spirits of the land we are on for their guidance and protection just as you would knock on your neighbors door and announce yourself before entering out of respect.

The grandmother Beech trees called me to this land in such a clear way the very first time I walked on this land. They would enter my dreams and literally call me and instruct me as to what to do. Mostly I could feel them calling for this sanctuary. I trusted that what they showed me was possible. The first structure to be built on this land was the sweat lodge down by the creek where the big Beech trees stand. I had never gardened before and I would just listen as they told me plants to purchase, where to put them, what the beds needed to look like. I made agreements with them about how this land would be used and we have been in partnership ever since.

If you have questions about the land you are on or your house and feel energies but need some assistance discerning what they are attempting to convey to you, consider calling for a dreaming ceremony from our Monday night healing circle or we can come to the land and dowse it, clear it and bless it with you.

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Photography courtesy of David Gellatly
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