Fire Ceremony

My elder says that he never met a belief of his that was not a lie and therefore he has no beliefs that he has to cling to and defend with his life. He also speaks of our thoughts being our prayers. What we think about is what we project out into the ethers and is what returns to us. So if I “believe” the world is a scary place and that no one can be trusted and that I am alone, I will pretty assuredly create that reality for myself and it will be reflected back to me by the environment. Much of what we believe and feel comes from faulty thinking that we have the power to change. One of the gifts that two-leggeds were given is the ability to discern and choose for ourselves.

In this ceremony we work with the ceremonial fire to release old beliefs, patterns, relationships, self- concepts or other things that impede our growth and forward movement. Once free of these self-imposed limitations we can consciously choose our beliefs and behaviors taking thereby taking full responsibility for our choices. In this way our lives can “grow corn” (Will Rockingbear) and we can observe ourselves living our dreams.

A riddle my teacher tells goes like this: There are three cats on the fence. One thought about jumping off. How many cats are left on the fence? Three.

This is where we move from simply talking about what we wish were different in our lives into the realm of action. When we find ourselves coming to the same impasse time and again, dealing with the same problem over and over we have the opportunity to choose thoughts that align us with what we want to be occurring in our lives. The fire ceremony offers us a way to literally burn away the thoughts, habits, beliefs, or behaviors that no longer serve us by asking the fire to take them for us. We can watch them be consumed by the fire. We then fill the void with the desired, thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors by consciously choosing them anew each time. When the old thought or habit surfaces we simply have to remember that we put it in the fire. Without taking action we are always in a state of readying ourselves but never being the change we want to see in the world. Change must begin within us and radiate out.


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Photography courtesy of David Gellatly
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