Cutting Ceremony

Have you ever asked yourself, “Whose thought was that?” and found out it was someone else’s? We can be under the influence of another’s energy (in the physical or spirit world) and need assistance cutting those chords that drain our energy and impact our lives negatively. Once cut we can restore balance and increase our personal power.

One way to think about attachments is like vines that can take over a forest suffocating the trees that it clings to. While the pine tree beneath it may look vibrant and healthy for a time it will not able to continue to grow strong and free as the vines overcome it and suck the vital life force from the tree and the surrounding forest. Another analogy refers to our energy field as a glass of water that is in place and whenever the attached energy or entity needs energy it takes long drinks from this water depleting our energy. We may not know why we suddenly feel drained and listless.

There are some forms of attachments that we can remove from ourselves, such as beliefs and toxic thoughts. Others we might need assistance for, like trying to get a splinter out of our own backside. We can pick up hitchhikers to our energy field sometimes and not know it, especially if we work in certain types of environments. I recommend that everyone spiritually cleanse themselves regularly by smudging (there are various techniques not all involving smoke) but especially if working in hospitals, legal systems, doing healing work, or working with addicts or very angry people. Many workplaces, shopping establishments or other environments that are affiliated with large “systems” have the effect of being in an endless looping energy. This repetitiousness can increase our chances of being in a state of confusion and “unconsciousness” that would benefit from regular cleansing practices to keep our minds and energy fields sharp and awake.

My teacher, Will Rockingbear, says “you can wake up someone who is truly asleep but not someone who is pretending to be asleep.” So check to see if you are awake, clean and clear in your own energy, that your thoughts are your own and not someone else’s, that the choices you make are for your own well-being and in the service of humanity.

This ceremony is available as needed and can be requested if you have a sense that there is something parasitically using your life force and you have been unsuccessful in ridding yourself of that. It is routinely done at the beginning of a soul retrieval ceremony to prepare for the return of soul fragments with the permission of the person requesting the ceremony. We can never do anything, even if it might appear to us to be helpful, without the permission of the person (or the parent of a very young child). That would amount to spiritual trespassing.

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Photography courtesy of David Gellatly
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