Calling Ceremony

This ancient ceremony predates the modern film “The Secret” but is based on these same universal principles of the “Law of Attraction” as passed down by the elders. This is a ceremony that teaches us how to be so clear about what it is that we want to call into our lives, be it a relationship, a job, a home, a family that we literally call it to us with the power of our intention and the clarity of our actions. We must be prepared to state what or who we want and don’t want in our lives, what we are willing to do about it. We must also be prepared to identify what we are willing to let go of in order to make space in our lives for the companion, job, house etc. We must find within us the abundance that we request from outside of ourselves. In realizing that there is no real difference between the inner and the outer, we can blow life into this creative abundance that is the universe and breathe it into our beings.

I once asked an elder what the difference between imagination and spirit is and she replied, “None.” I took that to mean that whatever we can imagine we can co-create with spirit. It also liberates us from a way we sabotage ourselves when spirit speaks to us and we put ourselves down by saying, “I just imagined that.”
Trusting spirit begins with trusting ourselves, trusting that we do know what we want and how to bring it to realization in our lives if we are honest with ourselves. It is ok to ask for help and to receive it. This ceremony assists us in bringing our ability to give and receive in our life into balance

Enjoy the magic of manifestation by being courageous enough to take 100% responsibility for your life and choose to dive into the creative abundant flow of all the possibility you can imagine!

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Photography courtesy of David Gellatly
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